We are so glad to have you here!

Our mission is to see young women motivated to do what they have been given in this life.

Whether you’re a wife, a mom, a woman with a steady job trying to make the best of it, or a single woman figuring out life on your own, it’s our priority to see to it that each of you have something to lean on and look forward to. Here at MUGGED, that shoulder would be the wise words of women who have been in your position before, and have conquered.

Another benefit to becoming part of the MUGGED family;


Mug day was the entire purpose behind MUGGED. The MUGGED team wanted a day that friends purchase and send one another motivating mugs of all sorts. We see them on Pinterest every day, and we can all think of a friend who could definitely benefit from the feeling you get as you sip from a cute piece of porcelain that states, ‘I can do this’.

Please, don’t be shy. Become a part of the adventure and the motivation!