The Disclaimer

Rules, Schmules.. But really.


We have just a few things that need to be stated before we begin our low-key adventure.

  1. At Mugged, we respect each of you. We respect each of your personalities. We understand that some of us need the mug that reads, ‘All I need is a little bit of coffee, and a whole lot of Jesus’. We also understand that some of us need the mug that says, ‘I can fucking do this’. For the majority of us, both of those statements are accurate. As long as no mug is degrading to any race, religion, or gender, (I’m trying to cover all the bases, but it’s a kind of tough in the 21st century.) it is accepted here at Mugged. If you are offended by any mug that doesn’t fall into any of the categories listed above, please feel free to excuse yourself. The general rule here at Mugged is to be a decent human being, with grace and humor. We believe that if we can all just be grown ass women, and learn to respect where each other are in this walk of life, there should be no offense. We hope everyone can understand and comply.
  2. None of the mugs represented on The Mugged Blog are created or crafted by the Mugged Team. All mugs shown on this blog are simply reposted from the talented creators selling their mugs on websites like Etsy, Ebay, Ect. We take no credit for the crafting or design of any mug here, unless someone wants to become an overachiever, then more power to you, and we will duly note it!

For now, and hopefully forever, these are all the rules we must comply with and remember! Now, lets get cracking on some mug-lovin’!

– The Mugged Team