The Birth

Here is the short, sweet, and quite humble story of our beginnings!

Hey everyone, Ali here!

We wanted to share with you the short story of how Mugged came to be.

One day, I was on Pinterest (which is how almost all of my days go), and I was looking through mugs. I was particularly looking a mug with a watercolor cactus on it proclaiming, ‘don’t be a prick’. I immediately thought of a dear friend who I know would love that mug. I was on the verge of purchasing it and sending it to her home far away from mine.

Then I thought to myself, ‘What if we did this, but on a bigger scale?’ Out of sheer excitement, I sent that friend a sloppy worded and heavily misspelled text that basically resembled the following;

“What if we did this thing where we have a group of women, and we all get together online, and we buy each other mugs, and send like, little encouraging things with them once a year or something.. What do you think?”

To which she replied, “Love it.”

And thus, Mugged was born, and with a little more organization and creativity, The Mugged Blog was born. We want to welcome you to Mugged. This is a place of encouragement and ceramic goods. Enjoy yourself. We’re happy you’re here.

Welcome aboard, and bottoms up!